Can the planet afford a world full of artists?


Issue #04 — Post Future,

Salat Magazine

"What would happen when we are all free to create, have the time to rethink and shape their context, regardless of the practicalities of the everyday?" 

This is the start of the article that aims to explore the notion of time affordability and the creation boom we witness during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the text-based images or instructions describe how to create a Commons which can provide your local community with basic tools for self-sufficiency. In doing so we wish to reflect on the ability of the community to co-create society, relying on one another to create the space they want to live in.

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Pictures by Ardelle Schneider


Universal Species Suffrage


Issue #36 — Coexist,

Slanted Magazine

Article and poster published in the special issue #36 Coexist designed and published by Slanted Magazine team.

Within this context set by the Slanted team, and being published among other 450 creatives, our fictional scenario was pushed a bit further for this issue where we took our questions a bit further to interrogate other political realities.

For this article, we reflected on coexistence and this quote by John Berger ‘The animal has secrets which, unlike the secrets of caves, mountains, seas are specifically addressed to man’. By going beyond the human focus of contemporary politics, we wish to see how we can best coexist with the lives of others on this shared planet.

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Universal Species Suffrage


Issue No 2 — Crisis,

Blank Publication

Written for Blank magazine’s ‘Crisis’ edition, this article questions how we can respond to the climate, environmental, economic and social injustices of our time by looking at what the structures of our society rest upon.

Looking towards the idea of Universal Species Suffrage, we explore some of the implications of giving species similar rights to our own in Western Europe. By questioning these fundamentals, we hope to broaden out the discussion taking place around elections to question why we vote, and to what end beyond the narrow implications of party policy on our particular household.

This publication was designed by Blank Publication.

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SUV_Schloss Solitude_1
SUV_Schloss Solitude_2
SUV_Schloss Solitude_3

Shaping Understandings of Value


Issue No 8 — Soft Power [...], Schloss — Post, online

Article written for Schlosspost in response to their theme ‘Soft Power’. Concerned by the dislocation inherent in work during the digital revolution and the threat this faces to the power of collective action, this article explores the context of our collective spaces and questions how we can begin creating new ones.

Utilising art as a means of subverting space, we propose a radical platform of artistic interventions in response to a world made steadily faster by the encroachment of digital platforms and the physical privatisation of space.

Within this article we expand on how to create these spaces and to what end they serve, offering a pathway forward for art as a soft power in the contemporary world.

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